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Investigate Anyone Using the Internet FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS QUESTION

  • :
    Do you need to have the Social Security numbers of the people you want to investigate or can you search with just the persons name and address? Also, how often does the site ask for money for simple search. E.g.: will I have to pay for all information at all times? Please get back to me so that I may sign up if you don't have to always have the parties SS# and DOB.

  • :
    No, in most cases you only need a name to do searches. Sometimes just a last name will get you started. Of course, the more information you have to start with the better your chances are going to be for success. And no again, you will not have to pay extra for all searches. The only time you'd need to do that would be if you used one of the pay site links on the service, or if you need information belonging to 3rd parties. Many of the fees you'll run into are centered around obtaining hard copies of documents or access to private, third party databases that just are not obtainable by anyone without paying a fee for it (even us).



  • You respond to my emails right away even if I send them in the middle of the night. Do you ever sleep?


  • NO!!! ;) Seriously though, we try to respond to all emails as quickly as possible. We almost always respond within 24 hours even if it is a weekend or we have an emergency that takes us out of the office.



  • Do you cover areas outside the USA?


  • Yes indeed. We have connections to investigation sites in the UK and Canada (lots of resources for these 2 countries) We also cover Australia and many more countries around the world.



  • Will anyone know I am investigating them?


  • No!!! Nobody will ever be able to find out that you are investigating them. Our site is totally private and you will be completely anonymous when using our service.



  • How often do you update your service?


  • Just about every day. Our staff is constantly working on the site, adding information, and checking links. We have the best investigative links site on the web and we want to keep it that way!


  • Do you ever automatically rebill me?


  • NO! We only bill you one time for your initial membership fee of $29.95 and there is no automatic monthly billing or anything like that.. Your one-time fee membership is good for unlimited lifetime use of the Web Detective member's area! You will never be billed again!



  • Is it legal to use Web Detective?


  • Absolutely. The Federal Freedom of Information Act allows for the public viewing of thousands of types of records, be they criminal, property, background, whatever. None of the Web Detective resources are illegal, or will allow you to perform an illegal search. Also, NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW YOU ARE INVESTIGATING THEM!!



  • Is Web Detective a complicated program?


  • NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT! The program is very easy to use. Even a total internet beginner can use our program with no problems at all. We even have some tutorials online that will help you figure out how to conduct online and offline investigations that should prove very helpful.


  • Do you have a guarantee?


  • ABSOLUTELY!!! First, we DO NOT guarantee any search results. We have no idea what you'd be searching for on our do-it-yourself service, nor what information you would be using to conduct your search with. It would be impossible to guarantee what your results will be. Other than that, we back our service with a money back satisfaction guarantee for 90 days. We also guarantee that our service is as described on our homepage and here in our FAQ. We have no hidden small print or after-the-fact disclaimers.


Check out an employee, a neighbor, your daughters date, your boss,
or find out what is known about you!!

  • Find out what's in your FBI file.

  • Get your credit report information.

  • Obtain complete criminal records on anyone.

  • Find a cell phone numbers owner and their address

  • Find unlisted phone numbers

  • Check up on the new person who wants to date you.

  • Find a lost friend, schoolmate, or military buddy.

  • Check out a prospective employee (or your boss).

  • Investigate a suspicious person or neighbor.

  • Do Pre-Rental Screenings and avoid bad renters!

  • Search driver license, marriage & divorce records

  • Find out if someone is a sex offender.

  • Obtain Personal Interest profiles

  • Military Records

  • In-depth background checks

  • Social Security Records

  • Tools to find anyone, anywhere!!

  • Find email addresses, phone numbers!

  • Great Genealogy resources - find family members old and new!

  • Discover all the SECRETS of the people you associate with!

Works on any computer (or WebTV) capable of accessing an Internet web page.
Also, works for Canadian and International Searches

Unlimited Use Lifetime Membership!

Start Your Own Investigations in the Next 60 Seconds


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